Space Express Is Coming Soon!

Space Express is the place to get access to the latest payload launch opportunities to Sub-Orbital, LEO, ISS and GEO orbits for CubeSats, Small Satellites and large secondary payloads via NASA, SpaceX and lots more. Enter your email address to access the latest commercial space launch opportunities. The SpaceExpress Project is a mobile, state-of-the-art classroom that brings space demonstrations, simulations and educational activities to Universities and schools around the world to excite students about science and math through space exploration. Through 8 unique "racks," similar to those used on the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, and staff led hands on activities and demonstrations, visitors can explore different aspects of real-world challenges in space exploration. Each group or participant will design their own virtual reality mission based on the choices they make at each rack, i.e. mode of propulsion, length of mission, destination etc. Once all choices have been made the participant or group will watch as their mission profile is created dynamically by the onboard computers and they can then "fly" their virtual mission and see if they are successful. SpaceExpress allows SISC to reach students, teachers, and the public in areas which generally do not have access to the resources the SpaceExpress van brings.